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Reseller cards is a feature that we implemented after running an evaluation review from the iptv community team.
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What is Reseller IPTV Card?

create reseller card

Reseller cards is a feature that we implemented after running an evaluation review from the IPTV Community team. This card allows resellers who work on the forum to define their own brand for an independent profile with the ability to provide customer service descriptions.

After analyzing the information and requests presented, we conclude that each reseller requires an independent page with the capability to provide its service descriptions in a way that is easy to create and functional. These cards should be based on your customers' needs with a simple design. Reseller cards have been invented and applied to create a more healthy and active competitive environment. The design of this card focuses on the simplicity and clarity of the iptv service with the simple decision-making options for users.

What sections does this card cover?

In this card, all your brand information including the logo, name, and slogan, as well as your payment options, and your communications method is simply listed. There is also the opportunity to explain your services in one or more paragraphs to your current or new customers.

For example,

  • Which countries you are focused on?
  • What is your approach to communicating?
  • How important customer support issues is for you?
  • How many years have you been active in this area?
  • What experiences have you had?
And any other necessary explanation that your customers need.

Also, there are 2 questions that are important to users and your response should be accurate. Look carefully at them and write with honesty and ingenuity.

Finally, there is the possibility of expressing the endpoint for the page viewer, which can be your action card. It's also possible to list the languages that you can provide them with support.

Suggestions to improve your card:

  • Based on our experience a genuine card should be made with a relatively modest, not long text, with plain and clear explanations.
  • Pointing to key elements to users without saying false or misleading information about the service.
  • Using the HTML tags in your texts to help make the text more legible.
  • Do not over-use the HTML tags especially bolding the words too much.
  • You can put your text in several languages that are most suited to your regions.
  • Avoid deception and exaggeration.
  • Think about what your customers are up to.
  • The languages through which you can provide services are very important.
  • Payment methods are very important.
  • Think about your answers in those two good questions. Short and simple answer.
  • In your last words, try to invite them to send you messages and to communicate with you.
  • Invite them to suggest feedbacks or ask technical questions.

Key option to make your card famous

Inside your card, there is a link that connects to your posts page in the forum. This section on the forum is the best place to provide your support to users and tell them how much you know about the industry and how much you have experience in that field. This will allow you to gain credit among other resellers in the forum and obtain the trust of your customers.

How to gain your customer's trust?

  • Review your posts in the forum.
  • Delete or edit inappropriate posts.
  • We suggest that you take at least 1 hour each day and find the most important questions in the forum and provide them with an essay.
  • Users demands are the most important thing and they want to get their answers in the fastest possible way.
  • Make articles that are based on user problems and the best answer provided to it.
  • Plan to add at least one post to your posts for one month.
  • Your posts will then become a trust gaining place for your customers and customers will rely on your knowledge and experience and will definitely purchase from you.
  • Try to start your posts with questions or intelligent sentences that express the problem in the title.
  • Use pictures in your posts.
  • Try to make your own images and provide them with quality.
  • Use correct placement in your images.
  • Use the abilities like the list, deselect, colorize and ... in your posts.
  • Frame your posts. Make a standard build and up to the end.
  • Avoid excessiveness and state the answer in the shortest sentences.
  • Speak into details.
  • If the topic has several solutions, explain them all.
  • If other resellers were already added an answer to that question, it does not matter, you provide your answer better.
  • Research for your answer and then submit it.
  • Provide posts in different languages that are relevant to your local area, along with English posts.
  • Try to link your posts to the forum's trend topics.
  • Consider your short posts as articles.
  • Use keywords but not too much.
  • Focus on the response and the need of users, not something irrelevant.
  • Being constantly on the forum to get feedback from users' needs and perspectives.
  • Do not worry about other risk factors because you also eliminate the trust of your customers.
  • Try to provide better services, including price, support, and articles.
  • Make articles that may not just be an answer or an article, but rather a collection of scattered but necessary information in one place.
  • Do comparisons. For example, compare MAG to player devices.
  • Write about devices, players, installation methods, possible errors, and debugging.
  • Write about how to use the Dashboard you provide.

How to make it?

You can simply log into your Dashboard and look for it in the settings section Forum Card.

First, we suggest that you confirm your forum account on the Dashboard. This will not take much time but will complete your access to the forum. Fill in the blanks based on the description and check your profile.

Create your card with patience and pay more heed to it and then deliver it to your customers. You can attach it inside your profile signature in the forum as an advertisement. Spread your link on other websites and forums so that more people can see it. You can focus on the users within your region.

Do not waste time, Let`s make it now