Reseller Card

Reseller Card
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Our Service?

This is an example of a reseller card. This card contains the information you have defined in your Dashboard on IPTV community and the system automatically creates it in a simple and practical format for your customers.

Why does an IPTV reseller need this card?

First of all, you need to create this reseller card in order to be able to access all the reseller benefits in the forum. When creating this tool, your forum account is connected to your Dashboard and your forum account will automatically turn into a reseller profile. In this section, there is a lot of information you need to take into account in your defined Brand in the IPTV Community. You need to describe your service and facilities in order to get yourself new customers and attract more customers and gain more sales.
You can have a website and also have a reseller card, but it's for those who do not have a website and need something like a website for their Brand. In this card, the method of payment to you (the names only), your methods of communication, the languages by which you can provide support, your specialties, and the description of your service which is displayed under your Brand, Logo, and color. To those who have a website are still advised to activate their reseller card in order to get involved in the competition inside the forum.

How to make your own reseller card?

Buy a few simple clicks. Just log in to your dashboard and follow the path:
Settings -> Forum Card
Log in and create your reseller card after verifying your forum account in your dashboard. Based on the instructions, enter your ID and Username and receive a code inside your forum Inbox, use it on your Dashboard to verify your account. In the next step, you only need to write your own descriptions.

How to write my own description?

We have gathered some tips for making everything better for you, based on our experience and research. These tips are tailored to meet the needs of your customers. These tips are available at below link.

How to represent your reseller card to new customers?

Our suggestion is to be sure to add your reseller card to your forum signature and also give it to your customers in your conversations in your email when explaining your service, even in your promotional campaigns. You can see your own direct link for your reseller card inside your dashboard.

Payment Options

  • Android Pay
  • Android Pay

Why people should choose your service?

Why should people choose your service? I can support you in 4 languages and provide guaranteed up-time for channels.

Which points of your service is competetive by the others?

Affordable prices and a wide range of subscriptions based on the consumers demand with pleasant quality.

We are providing around 4000 channels for more than 10 years and know enough about IPTV. Do not waste your time and start now.