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  1. DerCremaxx

    Maintenance Notifications

    We will have a maintenance now which will end in 2 - 3 hours
  2. DerCremaxx

    DerCremaxx - Exchange service // PayPal to Crypto // Revolut to Crypto 10%

    Exchanging your PayPal Family and Friends payment & Revolut Payment to any Crypto 10% YOU PAY 500€ AND I TAKE 50€ YOU GET 450€ CRYPTO ( ANY COIN ) I DO EXCHANGES WITH RESELLERS ANY AMOUNT (SMALL AMOUNTS UP TO 50€ I DO WITH EVERY USER) CAN DO ANY AMOUNT NO LIMIT DISCORD: DerCremaxx#8852...
  3. DerCremaxx

    IPTV.COMMUNITY Discord Server

    Update: before entering the Discord server the server will check for shared ips and alt accounts to prevent trial abusing
  4. DerCremaxx

    IPTV.COMMUNITY Discord Server

    selling is now allowed on this Discord server! Users will have to create a ticket on the Ticket channel also write the Reseller name he wants to have as seller we then will add the Reseller to the ticket where you then can start your business (selling outside our discord ticket system is not...
  5. DerCremaxx

    IPTV.COMMUNITY Discord Server

    Click here to join our discord server DISCORD Info: You will need to contact me or Hectorious on forum with your Discord name after joining the Server to get Verified Rules are the Same as on the Forum any abuse will get you warned/banned on Forum and on Discord WITHOUT VERIFYING YOU WONT...
  6. DerCremaxx

    Official Status Page - Check the Servers

    This page updates every minute and has every Server of us STATUS PAGE Please always check our Status page when you see something is not working and down (NEW SERVERS ARE FIRST GETTING ADDED ON THIS STATUS PAGE)
  7. DerCremaxx

    DAZN 1 FHD DE DAZN 2 FHD DE Problems

    cause no other source is aviable for backup if there is then backup is added
  8. DerCremaxx

    Error message after posting

    known issue :)
  9. DerCremaxx

    IPTV not working in the evening

    Yep use vpn its a isp issue
  10. DerCremaxx

    Channel Request

    Name of the channel: sky active 1 Country: United Kingdom UK Kind of channel: sports Lyngsat Link: https://www.lyngsat.com/tvchannels/uk/Sky-Sports-Active-1.html Name of the channel: sky active 2 Country: United Kingdom UK Kind of channel: sports Lyngsat Link...