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    IPTV for apple tv

    thank you for your response. My friend advice me to buy firestick. Is there a way to instal IPTV on firestick and connect it to my laptop or desktop please.
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    IPTV for apple tv

    I need to buy one-time application that I can install on my Apple TV to use my m3u file without any issue. Unfortunately, I installed GSE IPTV and it is giving error message and they do not have support contact. I appreciate your help.
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    GSE SMART IPTV PRO error on apple TV

    I paid for this application around $6 then added the URL. I was able to go through all channels then out of the sudden the below message comes up. There is no way to close it. It still there even after restarting the Apple tv. Please let me know if there is a way to close this message. New Web...
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    IPTV Trial

    Apple TV 4k. m3u and m3u url.