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  1. Hectorious

    Samsung smarters pro m3u

    Here is a guide: https://iptv.community/threads/iptv-smarters-setup.9668/
  2. Hectorious

    Smart TV vs MAG box and other dedicated IPTV boxes

    I never tried Chromecast but I know that the amazon fire tv stick, Android OS, it runs pretty well and next week is black Friday, around 50% off :)
  3. Hectorious

    Smart TV vs MAG box and other dedicated IPTV boxes

    smart tv = limited cache/memory and no possibility to use vpn. mag box is old fashion... better get an android box and you will enjoy best flexibility, you can install all apps and also vpn. e.g. amazon fire tv stick OR xiaomi mi box.
  4. Hectorious

    Xciptv issue

    Please deactivate your caps lock... And what's your IPTV hardware? Install VLC player on your IPTV device and then try XCIPTV movie section again.
  5. Hectorious

    Smart IPTV Connection Problems

    Sounds like TV cache/memory limitation, reduce bouquet list, 2-3 groups only, remove power cable from tv (clear cache) and then try again. If you need help, feel free to PM me.
  6. Hectorious

    Stalker Portal Tivimate

    Try to add the xmltv EPG url to the app.
  7. Hectorious

    How to setup iPlayTV on Apple TV

    No typo in server url, username, password? Sometimes username or password include small L or capital (big) i letter, have special attention to O and 0 (zero). Try also to reduce bouquet list, in some cases the device has limited cache/memory.
  8. Hectorious

    IPTV App with DVR capability?

    It calls catch up function, some channels enjoy this feature. Talk to your provider/reseller and ask for it.
  9. Hectorious

    IPTV Smarters App vs Formuler

    formuler is popular, you can also use a cheaper one like amazon fire tv stick but formuler has better specs. compare the prices ;)
  10. Hectorious

    IPTV Smarters App vs Formuler

    Most smart TVs are very limited e.g. cache and memory. Better get an Android box which enable you to install all apps, might be also helpful to install VPN :)
  11. Hectorious

    ISSUE: 1920 x 1080 Some channels work others instantly freezes

    most smart tv's having limited cache/memory, and some ISP put speed limits (throttling) on iptv servers... DNS change and a VPN would be helpful in this case, best would be to get an android box where you can install apk files and vpn etc.
  12. Hectorious

    Adding Favorites

    Latest app version 6.0 ? If not, drive an update and try again. If you need help with it, send a pm to me.
  13. Hectorious

    Apple TV IPTV Apps

    I really like the amazon fire tv stick 4k max (android), for me it is the best price value you can get for your money.
  14. Hectorious

    Apple TV IPTV Apps

    better stay with android, apple tv is limited, their app store does not have all apps available and they remove good iptv apps from time to time, there are just a few left, better stay with android.
  15. Hectorious

    Best free app for firetv

    I don't know the best but XCIPTV (ottrun) is for free.
  16. Hectorious

    Tutorial: MyIPTV Player (Windows)

    Instead of "http://myiptv.server.com/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&output=ts&type=enigma22_script" you can use "http://myiptv.server.com/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=m3u_plus&output=ts" = that's your m3u link/file ;)
  17. Hectorious

    Tutorial: MyIPTV Player (Windows)

    You should find the m3u or EPG Link in your dashboard, use this m3u/EPG url and add it under MyIPTVplayer settings.
  18. Hectorious

    Iptv Smarters Pro, pause menu every ten seconds

    Better use MyIPTVplayer under Windows: https://iptv.community/threads/tutorial-myiptv-player-windows.18171/
  19. Hectorious

    M3U playlist disappears (GSE IPTV PRO)

    apple tv has too many restrictions, they removed good iptv apps from their store and just a few left and that's why i don't like apple anymore. android is the way to go ;)
  20. Hectorious


    sure, if you need help, feel free to send a PM to me.