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    RapidIPTV setup on MYTV Online APP

    How do you get EPG works with m3u ? I got everything working, but no EPG
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    Formuler Z7+ Technical Issues

    I experience a problem that the EPG times are incorrect with the broadcast on a Z8 I use portal + username and password for login and is fine. Only EPG times are 2 hours behind .....
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    MAG 256/257 Technical Issues

    How you can setup VPN on a MAG256 I stop with MAG and continue with Formuler Z serie. On this Android device i can great a VPN profile. But on the MAG i think it's not possible. Client don't have a advanche Router, where i can set--up a VPN client.
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    MAG 256/257 Technical Issues

    Mag is from today morning with the new secure link. it didnt help Password i dont change ?
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    MAG 256/257 Technical Issues

    Client have a probleem, that the screen Goes black, and after one secondes comes back.... With firmware is stil working without get blocking ? Anybody els the probleem ? Using Mag 256
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    new mag box for 4K streams !!

    Is this support list still current? I would like to buy a MAG that supports 4K, but the MAG 351 is no longer available and the MAG 420 is not supported, I thought? What are the current supporting equipment?
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    MAG 410 Technical Issues

    Somebody know if MAG 420 is supported?
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    MAG 351/352 Technical Issues

    Is this Mag support for the portal ?
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    IPTV Smarters - iOS (iPad & iPhone & Apple TV)

    Today this morning, without change settings, everything working....
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    IPTV Smarters - iOS (iPad & iPhone & Apple TV)

    App dont wanne login...
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    MAG 250 Technical Issues

    sorry to tell you, but this feature is not available mean recordiing! No we never can recording? Doesn't change with devices you have ?
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    Mag 245/322 Technical Issues

    Can you tell me what he change ?
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    Mag 245/322 Technical Issues

    I contact, but not respons jet... Somebody know how to fix and get it working ?
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    MAG 256/257 Technical Issues

    VPN can sometimes resolve the issue
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    MAG 256/257 Technical Issues

    New Yes you can, in your dashboard. Or your reseller have to do it for you Yes