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Channel select problem

Discussion in 'Android Boxes' started by Gilera, Mar 1, 2018.

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  1. Gilera

    Gilera New Member

    Hello all,
    I am new to IPTV. I have spent several days trying to get IPTV to run on my Minix U9-H also Bluestacks. I have tried numerous Players and Video players. I am using at the moment IPTV and and BS Player both from Playstore.
    I have loaded several M3-U lists and tried. What happens is the first channel i load runs OK but when i try to change to another it tries to open and then drops back to a blank screen, the first channel can still be selected and will run. Does anybody have any ideas as to what could cause this please?
  2. donivasi

    donivasi New Member

    Hi, have you tried Good Player? Seems to work much better than other players on my android box. Also you should be able to use the website link you have receinved instead of the M3U file. That is what I do. Since the m3U file doesn't update automatically. You need to download a new m3U file every time new channels are available...

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