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DM800HD sim2.01 clone image suggestions?

Discussion in 'Enigma' started by johsam, Sep 4, 2017.

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  1. johsam

    johsam New Member

    Could someone recommend a clean working image for my DM800HD sim2.01 clone. Dont need all the preinstalled stuff just enough to get IPTV and EPG running?
  2. zwollefm

    zwollefm Reseller Reseller

    Am running a DM800HD sim2.01 clone here with OpenPli4 and IPTV. Runs great for couple of years now. but i give up the EPG thing here. Don't get it stable . Look like its a memory/flash thing of those clone boxes
  3. Geson

    Geson New Member

  4. AJP007

    AJP007 New Member

    I see this post is a little old but maybe you have not solved your problem.
    I can recommend you swap your SimCard 2.01 to a new JapharSIM there are two sorts,
    one which is programmed specifically for your Box..NO update.!
    the second is for your box as well BUT can be updated at a later time if needed.!
    Costs are €35 incl P&P.
    I did this.... GOT JapharSim, new image OpenPLI with IPTV added my Line via FTP now working IPTV..Works a treat.!!!
    I had all my boxes with Ferrari and Sim2.01, but support has stopped completely for both Teams and so this is the way forward.
    If you get stuck ask I will Help if I can.

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