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Discussion in 'Enigma' started by Rapid IPTV, Jan 14, 2016.

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    and just install both programs.

    SECOND STEP / Enigma-TV IPTV Generator

    Open the programm and open your m3u8/m3u list in the m3u file channels tab
    Click on Generate Cannel list
    Down in the status You will that Channels file is generated
    Open this folder on c: drive and You will find the file userbouquet.EnigmaTV_rapidiptv.tv in it. Rename that file to userbouquet.favourites.tv [​IMG]

    THIRD STEP / Dreambox EDIT

    Set options as it follows in this pic or just click on enigma2 settings and insert your enigma2 box password and save settings

    Download chanNel settings in the some folder and copy the file userbouquet.favourites.tv in the same folder.
    Close Dreambox EDIT and open it again, open the chanell settings

    with a file you inserted before and upload your list to the enigma2 device


    Tutorial was created thanks to user harryporter.
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  2. momo744

    momo744 New Member

    2Boom’s m3u/bouquet converter
    I just try this plugin, and it worked for me, I’ts very easy to use, just put your m3u list in /tmp, then open the plugin and convert the list, you will find a new bouquet in the channel list .
    a small plug-in for quick conversion playlists in m3u bouquet for enigma2
    The following options are supported for conversion:
    Livestreamer / hls
    Livestreamer / hlsvariant

    The plugin can be installed manually thru /tmp folder
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  3. inpoggio

    inpoggio New Member

    After that may I change the order of the channels?
    And (very important) they will work autoupdating themselves or do I need to restart this process everyday?

    for now I use the IPTV top bouquet generated by the "wget -0 "http...enigma22_script&type=mpegts" followed by the iptv.sh
    it works, but, I cannot change the order of the channels and I cannot make a copy of the channel in other bouquets because they will not work.

    How can I solve this problem?
    I would like to change the order and put my preferred channels at the top.

    Thank you
  4. momo744

    momo744 New Member

    Just use E2 channels Edit, by importing the channels list from the box and upload it again after the changes
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  5. scuzzie2k

    scuzzie2k New Member

    Have got this working thanks, but the EPG is just blank for all the channels?
  6. adab79

    adab79 Reseller Reseller

    Hi All,

    i dwonload the list to my vu+zero over dreamboxedit. The channels are working very well but the VOD are not working. Can someone try and tell me how to do. I use OpenPli4 image.
  7. john shafi

    john shafi Reseller Reseller

    vod works ok on openvix

    i am using the xtream codes plugin
  8. adab79

    adab79 Reseller Reseller

    i try with putty on vu+ but i get list name n/a and it is without channel
  9. reverend

    reverend New Member

    Hi there,

    I am trying out the service.

    I want to get the IPTV channels list into my Enigma2 box so that I can use a full EPG and schedule recordings. However I cannot get either method described abogve to work:

    1. IPTV generator and DreamboxEdit - produces a blank list on Enigma2 with no channels in it
    2. 2Boom’s m3u/bouquet converter - I can install the plugin on my STB but it does not recognise the M3U file (with any of the conversion options)

    Please advise

    ps - the attached is what the new bouquet looks like in Dreamboxedit for me. No channels listed:

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Nov 7, 2016
  10. reverend

    reverend New Member

    OK eventually got 2Boom’s m3u/bouquet converter to work, although it produces malformed links to the streams. They have to be fixed manually in a text editor.

    Now n eed to try and get the EPG to populate
  11. reverend

    reverend New Member

    OK, Ive now got a channel appearing in the channel list on my openvix enigma2 STB, populated with the correct EPG data from the in-biult Rytek EPG sources. Good! But unfirtunately, the enigma2 OS crashes when I try to schedule a recording. I've asked for help understanding the logs on that.

    So there is hope, but it sure is going to take a lot of manual effort. I would essentially have to manually update every channel entry by hand.
  12. reverend

    reverend New Member

    I've worked around the crashing box.
    Next problem is getting the streams to record reliably. So far I only get very short recordings. I suspect that the Enigma2 OS is used to steady bitrates. It may just be struggling with latency and out of order packets. Might need to switch to Kodi on a PC
  13. Niceguy

    Niceguy Reseller Reseller

    Hey Thanks IPTV
    Any update on EPG?
    Strange thing is that the XC plugin DOES give EPG data but this method does not give any epg data...

    Any solutions?
  14. jayjay2010

    jayjay2010 New Member

    have the EPG working on my VU+ look at my tutorial. Its easy and all explained
  15. Azole

    Azole Reseller Reseller

    hi if i got mac, is there some simular programs ?
  16. giantiptv

    giantiptv Reseller Reseller

    Is anyone got it works on VU+ ?
  17. dasa73

    dasa73 Reseller Reseller

    does rapid m3u work on vu+ zero and where can i find a tutorial?
  18. giantiptv

    giantiptv Reseller Reseller

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  19. dasa73

    dasa73 Reseller Reseller

  20. FreddyK

    FreddyK Member

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