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EPG and Channels Logo on Apple Tv

Discussion in 'Apple TV' started by Romeo, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

    Hello and happy new to all

    i have purchased both GSE and Iplaytv apps to run my iptv on Apple TV 4K
    all works fine but yet failed to manage showing epg and channels logos althought i used a converter to get xml file yet failed.. could anyone kindly advice how to manage on these two apps?

    thank you
  2. viljam

    viljam New Member

    Better try iPlay tv..... GSE dont work very good with EPG´s.... i used the same EPG file and playlist in GSE and iPlayTV and workss 100% in iPlayTV and i got only some channels in GSE..
  3. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

    Thanks mate :)
    mil already using both apps , true few channels got logo and epg on GSE but sadly none shown at iplay app! I received an XMLTV file so if I uploaded somehwere and hooked up link in iplay app should work? Any advise here?
    thanks a lot
  4. Vehbija

    Vehbija DE, AT, SLO, CRO, BIH,... - Country :) Reseller

    iplay tv
  5. Montoya

    Montoya New Member

    For GSE:
    - Use Xtream-codes API for watching Live TV and VOD..... That includes all avaible EPG and channel logo's

    For iPlay TV, in settings:
    - Use link "m3u with options" from your dashboard, for channel logo's and for matching EPG data m3u<>xml.
    - Use this link for Rapids EPG:

    If link doesn't work, replace "clientportal.link" with DNS address of your reseller, that you can find in your m3u link.
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  6. marlon

    marlon New Member

  7. Montoya

    Montoya New Member

    Load the link in your browser and wait till it finishes loading. Then you will know if your link works or not.

    With the link you provided with your resellers DNS, I filled in my username and password and that resulted in a finished pageload with all Rapids EPG data...
    So something must be going wrong on your side or with your configuration of iPlay TV, because iPlay TV supports that link.
  8. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

    Hi, I tried that as well but didn’t work for iplaytv on apply tv. I did replace as you advised yet didn’t work. Always same result “can’t find epg information for this playlist” while it’s auto processed in GSE smart app as Xstream code!
    Thanks for helping out mate, highly appreciated
  9. Montoya

    Montoya New Member

    If you followed this guide https://iptv.community/threads/rapidiptv-setup-on-gse-app.6647/ AND have setup everything like Rapid TV Swiss describes with clientportal adres in server settings and still have no EPG for UK, DE, FR etc than you have to ask your reseller what is going on.

    Because every Rapid client should get EPG in GSE for the countries that are marked as finished (see https://iptv.community/threads/update-about-epg.8249/) when GSE is setup with only Xtream Codes api server setup.

    Did you "Force-update EPG" in GSE ?
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  10. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

    I did all working fine for UK and some other hashtags thanks mate
    The epg Issue ik having with iPlaytv app still can’t get it although I got xml file! Same msg as in below pic

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