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Help with Minista on a Android device (Formuler Android Box)

George T. Jilos

New Member
Oct 11, 2021
Hello, IPTV Community. I hope you are all doing well.

Let me try and boil this down. I have an Android Box with the latest version of everything, including the Ministra App. For some reason, the User Interface is quite hard to deal with. Might anyone know of a UI that is more user-friendly, almost like a different theme for easier use? Also, the remote that comes with the Android box has a serious keymap issue and I cannot manage the Ministra app with the key on the remote.

I know this may sound minor, but for an elderly Farther, it is not.

If anyone can direct me to fixes or another application that will work with an easy UI would be greatly appreciated. Oh and a Remote App, or how to one would map or program a physical remote to work with the selected UI IPTV app. I have a Formuler box that works. I do not want to use the myonlinetv app. I want to connect to the service with Ministra or a Minstra like app with an easy UI and remote capabilities.

Thank you in advance so much for your time in help.