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Higher bandwidth desperately needed on match days

Discussion in 'Wanted Changes (Upgrades and Suggestions)' started by Deniz1905, Feb 21, 2018.

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  1. Deniz1905

    Deniz1905 New Member

    I really like the service and enjoy it without main problems nearly all the time but there is one main headache that is really annoying:
    On each day of the Champions League/Europe League the channels(German Sky Sports) are buffering all the time, like it was the case yesterday. Fine for 6-7 seconds, than again buffering.
    Is there a possibility you guys can increase the bandwidth on these days as obviously it is not strong enough to deal with the demand?
  2. Roland_S

    Roland_S New Member

    +1 having the same issues with all the sky channels during matchtime (saturday 15.30 gmt +1)
  3. Jaceck

    Jaceck New Member

    I've also noticed that Canal Plus Sport channels (Polish) are down during the Polish league games. Can you investigate whether it's a bandwidth issue or is Canal Plus doing some trickery to block the feeds. Eurosport, which also shows 1-2 games per round is fine when the Polish games are on
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  4. Roland_S

    Roland_S New Member

    Won't renew my subscription. It's just impossible to watch sports withoud buffering every 2 seconds on matchdays.

    This has been a problem for years but nobody cares. Goodbye rapid iptv.
  5. Simon777

    Simon777 New Member

    I noticed this issue too with the German Sky FHD channels during match days. But can you definetly exclude the fact that maybe your internet bandwidth is decreasing at this time?Every day more and more people are using streaming services.

    I solve this issue with switching from FHD to HD.

    Idk, maybe there is a possibility to increase the upload bandwidth of the resellers servers. But can't say if this pays off.
  6. steluang

    steluang Reseller Reseller

    I notices the same issue, mainly with Italian channels.
  7. An0nym0us

    An0nym0us Reseller Reseller

    Hmm, i have no Problems on matchdays.. is this Problem by all of you still on matchdays?

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