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iPlayTV app

Discussion in 'Apple TV' started by superbillen, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. superbillen

    superbillen New Member

    Hi All,

    I have installed that app and want ito play my tv stream from my m3u playlist.
    I have uploaded the m3u to my google drive, but i cant get it to import the list

    Do any of you use that app and can tell me how you did?

  2. neonnox

    neonnox New Member

    Have you tried typing the address in?
  3. superbillen

    superbillen New Member

    yes i have and nothing happens, ive uploaded the m3u to google drive and pastebin

    do you guys have any idea?
  4. Nick van der Graaf

    Nick van der Graaf New Member

  5. superbillen

    superbillen New Member

    Nope still not working

    #EXTINF:-1,6eren HD

    And enter my https//pastebin.com/123456 add in iplaytv, it will not save it

    Maybyits because its rtps but in the appstore it said that the rtps streams would work.

    Its all working in GSE Smart iptv, but this here are more beautyfull
  6. neonnox

    neonnox New Member

    rtsp, what is that? I don`t have anything like that in my url that i know of.

    Have anyone using this app managed to get in contact with the developer for this app, Andre Silva? There is an email address on appstore for contact but i havn`t got any response at all when i wrote to him.
    I really like the app but there are a couple things i would like to see improved and i also had some crashes lately wiping all my favorite channels. This has happened 2 or 3 times now and that`s why i wanted to contact the dev and ask him about this.
  7. djessa

    djessa New Member

    I use apple TV4 and it works like clockwork.
    I use the iplaytv app, which costs about 3 dollars. It was easy to set up and Swedish epg and sub worked immediately. Also easy to change or turn off the sub on the channel / movie you are watching. Easy to make a favorite list if you do not want to scroll alot.
    Both the kids and the lady think it's easy to use and understand.
    Unfortunately, I have not had it for a long time, but hope it continues to work as well as it does right now.

    Useful tip is to shorten your m3u link at https://bitly.com/
    I did not shorten my m3u and it took forever to enter it, especially as I wrote it wrong
  8. Sprucie

    Sprucie New Member

    Is there anyone who knows how subtitles work in IPlayTV? I can not select subtitles on some channels where there should be. On the channels it works, the text is very pixel.
  9. viljam

    viljam New Member

    I installed this on Apple tv .... few words:

    - EPG is much better than GSE IPTV PRO
    - Userinterface is much better than GSE
    - Way better UI to compared with GSE ( GSE you need to some random stuff )

    BUT negative for thsi player:

    - It will crash quite often...

    I will use iPlaytv now insted GSE as userinterface is more close to perfect player and epg works much better also compared to GSE. GSE really sucks with EPG.

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  10. viljam

    viljam New Member

    Happy new year folks!

    I have used this app for now 3 days in a row without any freeze. Seems like the channel overview feature is crashing the app. This feature is originally switched off. Ideally its good but not as a must to use.

    Anyway i am happy with the app so far - Much better compared to GSE ( not that i hate it but user experience is bad on GSE )

  11. Kloppster

    Kloppster New Member

    I am new to this, and trying to find my way around.. Have tried the GSE app, but like iPlayTv better. However I don't understand how to get EPG working in this app. Can anyone explain how to set it up? Cheers!
  12. viljam

    viljam New Member

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  13. mickeyjee

    mickeyjee New Member

    I use this app also. Works like a charm.

    One question though. Can anyone pause a channel? I cannot pause a channel in the IPlayTV app. I can pause a channel in VLC with the same M3U. I send an e-mail to the devolopers with this request to add the pause functionality. Just curious if you guys can pause.
  14. Kloppster

    Kloppster New Member

    Hi, thanks for responding. Unfortunately this did not work out. The app claim no EPG data for this playlist is found. So no progress still.
  15. viljam

    viljam New Member

    sent a pm
  16. mickeyjee

    mickeyjee New Member

    What you need to do is;

    1; Download the EPG from the URL you want to use. Open it with Notepad++
    2; Search for channel id between the quotes for the channels you are using
    3; Create your own M3U-file with the channels you want to watch.
    4; For every channel edit or add this to the channel linel; tvg-id="name of channel id on step 2"

    If step 2 and 4 match you will get the right EPG.
  17. mickeyjee

    mickeyjee New Member

    Additional steps;

    5; in your M3U file on a channel line you can add a custom Channel Logo when you add; tvg-logo="https://website.com/logo-channel.png"
    6; or you can browse the logo DB (https://www.thelogodb.com) for a channel logo. If the name on that website matches exact the name in the M3U on tvg-name="Channel Name" you will get that logo and you can remove the tvg-logo url.
  18. viljam

    viljam New Member

    I have been in contact with iPlayTV dev. and he confirmed new version is coming out soon. Fixed the freezing and some new features included.
  19. mickeyjee

    mickeyjee New Member

    I don't have freezing issues but i sent them 2 e-mails to add a pause functionality. They don't respond to my e-mails but i hope this is one of those features they are adding :)
  20. mdredfox8

    mdredfox8 New Member

    I Use iPlayTV and it works perfect.

    But I get all my channels in a long list, not sorted by the country as I want.

    How can I get the channels sorted by country?
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