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IPTV by satellite


New Member
Mar 26, 2019
Hello there.
french guy from brasil here
i going to move to a place that only got net satellite...
I have heard that get iptv its almost impossible because of the high ping...
and the provider i will get will have a limit of 10 gb +20 gb monthly download ...
I need opinions and advise from you guys
is there a way to work?
the iptv data will "eat" my 10GB download quickly?
thanks so much in advance


Oct 18, 2019

I don't know really. You could clone viewing card years back or download a patch to your receiver (That was more than 10 years ago I used to do) or one of my friends connected the receiver to LAN and something he paid for.

Talking about receivers, I use/have iStar Korea Android satellite receiver which I can get Free Satellite channels and at the same time, configure like an Android TV box to be able to watch IPTV. I prefer this over Apple TV because I can have a VPN but it is slower and every now and then I have to clean the cache.

If you're going to Brasil, I'm sure there are people and sellers there whom you can ask.