IPTV - epg stopped working

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Feb 19, 2018
hi all,
my name is Barbera and im new to this so pls forgive me if someone else has asked this question.

ive recently got iptv working on my vu solo2 box with a ipab image and watched a youtube video and got epg working perfectly.
and had been working fine for 3 days, with each morning it updating it.

one night i switched box off and in the morning when box was switched back on, epg had disappeared. so as usual, i went into menu, clicked on the epg importer plugin, press yellow button to download epg and it started to download, as seen in top left corner,

the number got to 106,000 or so events and then i saved by pressing green button. then went back to channel list and no epg.

done this a few times and still the same, each time it downloads to about 105,00 events and then save it but then doesnt load it for some reason or so.

ive checked the usb drive just in case and it does download epg onto it, a .dat file.
when the usb drive in plugged into box, and the epg is downloading, the light on the usb drive flashes but doesnt hen transfer it to box.

ive also tried to load from the usb drive by going to settings, epg and then load epg and still nothing.
so i can download, but it wont then load and fill in the epg.

ive not changed any options since it was working 1 day ago, only turned off box for the night.
but i did that the night before and the epg still loaded the day after but this time it wont.

ive tried a different usb drive and it does the same, download onto it but then doest add to box.

any help will be appreciated.