Mi Box issue

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Apr 24, 2018
Hi all!

I have a very weird problem with a couple of French channels. Let me explain:

I own a Mi Box, and I can perfectly watch all channels from the Spanish and French groups, SD, HD, 4K... no problems at all.

But there are a couple of French channels (that I know of) that have an image artifact. M6 HD and TF1 HD/FHD image stops for a fraction of a second every 2/3 seconds. Audio is fine all the time. It's not a buffering issue, it stops at a regular interval.

I have tried SIPTV, Perfect Player with all different decoders, IPTV Smarters, Kodi, and many more, all with same results. Also tried VLC and MX Player. The only configuration that gets rid of that is using software decoder in MX Player, but it's very laggy and not watchable.

The funny thing is that I can perfectly watch those channels in my phone with any app and also in the PC.

What is different with those two channels? Different codecs? Anyone having the same issue?