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New Member Thread: introduce yourself here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rusax, Feb 27, 2018.

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  1. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    ***Well Hello Everyone****

    My name is Rusax, and together with my colleagues DerCremaxx, Rapid TV Swiss, micheal MD, marijo and Iptv.Community we are here to making this a place where you can get info, help each other and ask questions.

    introduce yourself here and enjoy the forum

    Guide for new user:
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
  2. Krille_Annan

    Krille_Annan New Member

    Hi all!

    I'm new here ..
  3. Lee Duffy

    Lee Duffy New Member

    Hi All
    Am New here looking forward to learning a few bits on Iptv
  4. docydoc

    docydoc New Member

    Hello to all,

    my name is docydoc and I want to know more about IPTV. I also hope to make a contribution in knowledge whem I'm more adapted to iptv. For now, I'm learning to take my first steps

  5. Aiden Mustafa

    Aiden Mustafa New Member

    Hey guys, i also do would like to purchase a yearly subscription but before that, is there a way i can try it out first?
  6. dll007

    dll007 New Member

    comin' from germany, looking for stable line to get some germand hd chans and vod stuff
  7. Mikael Fischer

    Mikael Fischer New Member

    Hi all looking forward to learn how to navigate in this djungle:blush:
  8. tomekzbych

    tomekzbych Reseller Reseller

    Hello there :blush:
  9. Andi1808

    Andi1808 New Member

    Another German looking to replace his satellite dish
  10. jburk

    jburk New Member

    hi everybody

    big thanks to all the supporters out there.
    i found several answers to some questions...:blush:

  11. Fez

    Fez New Member

    hi, i had a 2 month trial here and now it is over and my STB is blocked. Can someone tell me why and how i can unblock it please
  12. Wolfbagger

    Wolfbagger New Member

    Hi all.
    Very new to all this but looking to get set up in a few weeks when I move into my new flat.
  13. Andrei Zeve

    Andrei Zeve New Member

    Hello everyone !
  14. genico_68

    genico_68 New Member

    hello everyone. I am new here and looking to learn more about mag box.
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  15. maher nouri

    maher nouri New Member

    hello i'm new here and wanna be a reseller
  16. pico-chico

    pico-chico New Member

    Hey all, new user here. I'm looking forward to trying out IPTV!
  17. juantxy

    juantxy New Member

    Hi there!

    Looking for ipt v resellers.

    please, send me prices by pm.
  18. RobBuddy5

    RobBuddy5 New Member

    Hi fellow Community,

    As a (IT) Techie and Professional happy to have found the way to a great, enthusiastic and learning plateform like this one.
    I am sure to learn some new stuff and help also to contribute to leverage a great topic like IPTV.

    Thanks to make part of this friendly, and developping community.
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  19. DerCremaxx

    DerCremaxx Im here to help you :) Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome :)
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  20. alima

    alima New Member

    hello together :)
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