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News Update

Discussion in 'Announcements, News & Rules' started by Rusax, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    IPTV Community: Hello guys, we are improving our firewall systems for better security against ddos attacks. The operation will be finished today. Thanks for your support and patience. We promise you will have best experiences with new dashboard , income plans and also quality of service with affordable prices.

    IPTV Community: After new dashboard we will have new options such as , LIVE TV on dashboard , SMART TV APP, ANDROID/IOS APP , Super professional channel editor and lots of new things.

    IPTV Community: All resellers and their clients will have their own dashboard on their own brand , url and payment and ticket system.

    IPTV Community: So that means , you can integrate new dashboard with your own logo and brand to your websites or social network pages

    IPTV Community: Also , there is professional help center which is integrated to the dashboard .all instruction and support experience which rapid gained in past 2 years on zendesk will be there. so your clients can find any tutorials on there without any brand.

    IPTV Community: Other important option is we attached bitcoin payment gateways on all reseller's panel , so you can get paid by your subresellers via bitcoin , directly on you wallet without any fee

    IPTV Community: You and your client can also unblock their ips via dashboard.

    IPTV Community: he can also add his mag , or enigma 2 and download any plugin that he want without asking you

    IPTV Community: also your client can extend and create new line ,, on his own dashboard by your confirmation, After the payment is, we are trying to add many payment gateways ass possible

    IPTV Community: you can also have subreseller

    IPTV Community: all old clients will be migrated from client portal

    IPTV Community: and you can assign dashboard for your old clients via manage line

    IPTV Community: another intresting thing is ,, before line goes to expire , your clients will be reminded

    IPTV Community: we are making new channel editor

    IPTV Community: so you will get the epg links for customized channel

    IPTV Community: you can also earn credits for channel editor and new features

    IPTV Community: upcoming new features will be against few credits but you will get and profit on that from yoru client

    IPTV Community: you can manage packages on youre panel, and define your own prices.

    There is gona be some work on the channels the next few days (start 16-06-2017) , Like name changes, deleting duplicates channels and for this reasson some channels can go temporary down.

    So when a channel is down, reset the list and see iff the channel is still there or did the name change.

    The guys who use a static m3u file need to let the client know that you need to do more updates than normal to keep the file up to date.

    Please have patient, we working hard and quick ass possible to get it done without downtime
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  2. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    After testing the last few days we found some little bugs we need to work out.

    So we need more time to compleet everthing and release it to the public

    We are regreting this but we like to give you a good working product and not one with errors in it

    So hope you have some patience left
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  3. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    the way to the new dashboard: https://my.iptv.community/migration

    Turtorial is coming soon in this part of the forum: https://m.iptv.community/forums/dashboard.91/

    If you have question about it send a pm or skype message. we recommend to wait for the turtorial and than start the migration,

    !!!!!! When the migration has started the old dashboard wil be closed and there is no way back to it. !!!!!!

    IPTV Community: We made new forum , Dashboard ,, so we will provide all information there. Thanks

    IPTV Community: you need to go settings
    IPTV Community: and complete steps
    IPTV Community: choose brand name, brand slogan, logo with size 150x100 png , and add at least one package price for your client
    IPTV Community: we are making tutorial in few hours
    IPTV Community: will be on forum

    PTV Community: your client can extend and create line via ur private hostname
    IPTV Community: add your real package which u give to ur client

    IPTV Community: and also ,,, u can assign dashboard for your clients

    IPTV Community: old one will works
    IPTV Community: nothing will be affected to old one

    IPTV Community: with new dashboard ,, you are IPTV provider from now ,, not reseller , so you will be rapid owner

    IPTV Community: we are working on many fantastic features
    IPTV Community: in early future you will have your own android , ios app under ur logo and brand
    IPTV Community: you will have your own smart iptv app under your brand and logo
    IPTV Community: you will have professional channel editor for ur self and clients
    IPTV Community: you can see channels on dashboard live , so any devices that support browser can watch iptv through dashborad
    IPTV Community: and many more ...

    IPTV Community: if u check wallet
    IPTV Community: you need to top-up from there
    IPTV Community: and its automatic
    IPTV Community: no need to wait for email

    IPTV Community: yes you will have your own bitcoin gateway for your subreesllers
    IPTV Community: also we are trying to add more payment gateways for you guys
    IPTV Community: they will be released in next updates
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  4. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

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  5. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    from now you can make a username for you clients when making a subscription


    Now Resellers,Clients and Sub-resellers , sub-clients can change their MAG mac address from dashboard.

    For Feedback, suggestions or bugreports about new dashboard place it here:
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  6. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    Notes have there own colum now

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  7. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    new migrated resellers if you want to change pass it needs to be with
    one capital letter and a minimum of 8 digits

    and also there is NO REFUNDING
  8. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    IPTV Community: Hi guys
    IPTV Community: Thank you all for your support

    IPTV Community: We think dashboard is now ready to use for all , but we know we have some incomatibiluty issues
    IPTV Community: in diffrent browser sizes and etc...

    IPTV Community: Anyway , we released dashboard with 22days delay , and we apologize for that
    IPTV Community: Non stop working 24/day in our developing team just for you guys. And now we are ready to release new fantastic updates for getting the whole market.

    IPTV Community: These updates will be future updates:
    IPTV Community:
    1- Special app for partners ( resellers ) which can manage their user via phone.
    IPTV Community: 2- Live TV on dashboard which you can watch on any platfrom
    IPTV Community: 3- Special android/ios app which will be generated on your own logo and brand name.
    IPTV Community: 4- Smart TV app which is also will be available under your brand name and logo.
    IPTV Community: 5- Afflicate Program will be added soon.
    IPTV Community: 6- Email marketing panel, so you can advertise and create offers for your clients,
    IPTV Community: and many more ....

    IPTV Community: I think we will have big updates when we finish picons and epg + professional bouqet editor
    IPTV Community: bouqet list currenty is temporary and we will change in few weeks
    IPTV Community: next week is EPG week.

    IPTV Community: Option will be added for hiding expired and disbaled lines
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  9. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    Exstanding in dashboard is temporaly down , they are busy adding Multi conection for the client lines, when it is finished all option wil come back online sorry for the inconvinent
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  10. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    Today we released new options on dashboard,

    for adding multi connections- maximum is 5 connections at same time
    - all can be used from different IPs
    - in extending options you can see how much credits will cost for 2-5 extra connections
    - can be added extra connection on existing line, credit will be deducted for remaining days

    Also added advanced filtering to hide

    - Expired,
    - Trials,
    - MAG,
    - Enigma

    or- Disabled lines.

    Deleting lines not allowed
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  11. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    When you extend youre line you have to choice to make it a multiconection line, and when you choose a different amount of line, the price wil change in the bottom


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  12. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    Hi guys,

    As you know we had some downtime yesterday that started in the afternoon.

    they technical team was working on Server improvment and performance. and this took much longer than anticipated

    We would like to appologize, for the inconvenient timing and lack of information

    also to let you know that all the lines created yesterday and today that are not working wil be fixed

    and that the multi conection and the option to hide the trials and expired lines are working now.

  13. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    Hey guys,

    Since the last time we had some upgrades, you already found out about it but i wil place them here also for the guys who havent been here for a long time

    1. Some changes in the rules ( Please Read !!)


    2. The trial system has changend. E-mail and username are required now


    3. There is a possibility for a multi line conection. so 2 conections with 1 line


    4. you can also pay with skrill and Netteller but you need to send an pm to Admin or Mod:


    5. there is a uptime checker for resellers


    6. there is a diagnostic tool for the lines in youre dashboard.


    7. Little guide for al new user ( important!!!)


    8. IPS block uk info:


    9. Smiley system:


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  14. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller


    The workaround with fake e-mails is patched, so you need a working e-mail now.

    also for the people who are complaing about mine clients are not that smart,

    i always send this pdf file to all of mine clients, so they can follow it.

    even clients that are 60+ do it in 10 minutes

    Attached Files:

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  15. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    Page manage lines not available , will be fixed today , but if you search for some line you will find it and can edit , extend add mag or what you need.
  16. Rapid TV Swiss

    Rapid TV Swiss Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hello All,

    We would like to apologize to all affected users in relation to the previous downtime. To be as transparent as possible, some of the lines created in the past 24 hours has been disabled temporarily.

    In order to fix this issue, please run diagnostic on the affected line and Report It. Please note this will remove the Mac address attached to the subscription, however, you can add it again after the diagnosis procedure is finished.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  17. DerCremaxx

    DerCremaxx Im here to help you :) Staff Member Moderator

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