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Problems with Uk channels on match days

Discussion in 'Announcements, News & Rules' started by Rusax, Sep 16, 2017.

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  1. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller


    Read this first:


    This is a problem with the major ISP providers in th UK :

    BT, Virgin , SKY , talktalk and Orange

    We at IPTV.Community always try to get u acces to these channels. But keep in mind every time we change our ip to go around the block the find out and put the new ip on the blacklist.

    is there somthing you can do,

    yes you can u can use a VPN (libertyshield and Torguard tested and worked) but there are alot of them to choose from:


    You can also try the following steps:


    Yes it says, kodi unblock, but it all started with the kodi boxes.

    for discussion about this and see with other people have tried go to :


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  2. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

    Please try the channels now without VPN, and if it isnt working place a post with wich provider you have
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