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Router Recommendations – VPN


New Member
Nov 10, 2021
Hi All

I have just reverted to my Apple TV 4k, from my Sony SMART tv, as I was constantly having streaming issues, so my thinking if I use a dedicated streaming device and that should improve performance. I was running it with the STB Emulator, with the IPVanish App running in the background. I now understand that Apple do not allow a dedicated VPN app on the device, hence probably the better option is to replace my current Virgin media Hub 3 with a new router that supports VPN.

Now I’m first to admit I’m not the most technical, especially when it comes to routers and Networking, so hence I would ask the oracle of all information with this IPTV forum.

Got about £150 budget, so ideally looking for something I can setup a vpn ‘”With NO reduction in Network Speed” so I would apricate any recommendations on a suitable router, to run my IPTV on my Apple 4K TV

Many Thanks