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ssip-tv install app for tv lg 40UB800V


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Sep 5, 2019
Hi, I have a lg tv model 40UB800V-ZA from 2014, could you tell me the procedure to install the ss-iptv app?

Thank you


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May 5, 2017
LG: SS IPTV may be installed from official LG Smart World on this platform, in any country.

How to add IPTV channels to SS IPTV
Step 1: To upload user playlist press "Settings" button of the main screen.

SS IPTV guide on smart tv

Step 2: There are two methods to upload your playlist.

  1. Uploading by link (external playlists)
  2. Uploading with non-permanent access code (internal playlists)
The user may have any number of external playlists and only one internal playlist with live channels and one with VoD streams (films).

To upload playlist by link go to the Content section of the app's settings, choose External playlists subsection and click Add button below the screen. Enter desired playlist's title and the link of your playlist in corresponding fields and press Save button. The playlist will be available on the Main Screen through a separate tile.

ss iptv guide

Step 3: To upload a playlist with non-permanent code go to General subsection of the app's settings and press Get code button. The non-permanent code can be used only 24 hours (or till new code is generated)

SS IPTV guide get code

Step 4: Enter received code at this URL http://ss-iptv.com/users/playlist and press Add Device button.

SS IPTV guide on iptv

Step 5: When the connection was made select playlist file in your PC and upload it by pressing Save button. The internal playlist will be available through tile My playlist on the Main Screen.

SSIPTV guide on smart tv

New uploaded internal playlist replaces the older one.

Source: https://iptvhelpcenter.com/r/how-to-setup-iptv-on-ss-iptv


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Jan 13, 2020
Hi...I developed an IPTV app with EPG for Samsung and LG and I submitted the app to both stores.
Both companies are messing around since over two months with it, so I decided to release the app on the web until it is released on the official stores.I was able to use the official demo packaging tool for Samsung, so the app can be installed on Samsung smart TVs from an USB stick.
Is there a similar way to install apps on LG smart TVs?