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Stalker Portal Player for Android TV

Discussion in 'Android Boxes' started by hensoft, May 10, 2018.

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  1. hensoft

    hensoft New Member


    Why be limited by any other OS? Android OS is known for its ability to run Multiple Apps at the same time. The App Store concept makes it easier for the users to use the software without wandering throughout the internet.
    Now you can use Stalker Portal 5.1 or lower with your Android TV device.

    The best part: We offer you a personalized app! We set your company name and logo. Want different pictures of the design? No problem, it’s included in the deal!

    Main Features:

    • Live streaming
    • Auto-Play
    • TV archive
    • EPG support
    • Video Club
    • Tariff plans
    • Categories
    • Radio
    • Multi-Audio
    • Multi-Subtitle
  2. dudenl

    dudenl Reseller Reseller

    And what is the catch?
  3. hensoft

    hensoft New Member


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