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TiviMate playlist issuehelp required


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Aug 12, 2019
Hi all. Apologies for this “How longs a piece of string” question but I have a Zoomtak T8Plus-2 Android set top box and am running (or attempting to) TiviMate 2.7.5. When I have input the Xtream codes address, user name and password and pressed the next button there is a short pause and I get the error “An error has occurred while processing the playlist. Make sure you have entered the correct data and check your internet connection”.

The internet connection is good as I am also running IPsmarters pro and XCIPTV player both installed and up and running first time with the Xtream codes information I have so I am confident the address etc has no errors, I have set up IPtv players several times now and appreciate the importance of good and accurate syntax.

I have ensured Tivimate has full access in permissions and to my knowledge I have no firewall operational on the router. Because there is a short pause before TiviMate spits out the error I think it is communicating with the server but not getting any further than that eg. downloading the playlist but that is a guess on my part. What is throwing me is that the other 2 operate flawlessly, in fact the entire sofware installed on the stb operates fine on the same connection.

I have had TiviMate up and running previously so I know it operates on the stb I have and I have run out of ideas now and it is driving me mad so any suggestions are welcomed.

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Jun 10, 2017
I noticed that I don't get an error anymore in the new version of tivimate but 0 channels load instead.


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Jul 3, 2020
Hey folks,

Not sure if I'm suffering from the same error. I updated to the 2.8.5 and now the epg wont load. Ive updated the playlist and its still at ~25000 channels. When I update the epg it's successful but only updating 3411 channels.

Is this the same issue you're both having?