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Tutorial: Duplex Play or Duplex IPTV apk


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Sep 25, 2015
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Start by downloading the Dupex Play or Duplex IPTV App from the store.
Please note: The App offers you a 7-day free app trial.
After the App expires, you can purchase it - Price Six months 0.99 € or 1 Year 1.99 €

When opening the app you will see your Device ID and Device Key.

Please write down the values as you will use them in next steps.

Open the Duplex Play or Duplex IPTV website
Place your Device ID and Device Key, confirm the reCaptcha & press "Manage Device"

Press "Add Playlist" and paste the M3U URL (use m3u with options) you received from your IPTV Reseller/ Provider,
(Optional u can protect it it with a password)

If everything was done as mentioned Duplex Play app will now load your Playlist.
choose between Live Channels, Movies, Series, Replays

Sample: Live Channels

Sample: Movies

And Watch-out:
DuplexPlay.com is the only official website. Any websites that use their name are fake websites
DuplexPlay has no social accounts. Any Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other social accounts that use their name are fake accounts.

For Android:

App has recently been removed from the google play store - you can download the app from here. ;)

Activation: (only one working at the moment updated 19/2/2021)
Download DuplexPlay on any windows PC or XBOX one from the official Microsoft Windows Store

  • Open the downloaded DuplexPlay App on a Windows device
  • On home screen open [Activation]
  • Choose [Renew for other device]
  • Type device ID and device Key of your TV
  • Choose an activation type and then confirm purchase
  • Restart DuplexPlay app
If you need any help, You can find contact links in my signature.