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Tvip 415 Subtitles on vod multi Subtitles

Discussion in 'Android Boxes' started by Ariian, Dec 30, 2017.

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  1. Ariian

    Ariian Reseller Reseller

    So i use a tvip415 box now. And if i enter the vod multi Subtitles section, play a movie, the Subtitle list is larger than my tv screen when i use s info button and go to Subtitles list, is there any solution for seeing the Whole list? Because for now i have to press enter on every sub i dont see and watch movie to See which is on and after count how many clicks i make to select the right sub.

    Any solution??
  2. ElMariachi

    ElMariachi Reseller Reseller

    Hi Ariian.

    I have the same issue on my 412. Haven´t found a solution for this. The only way around it is too count backwards when choosing a subtilte until you get the right one. It suck, i know. But that is how I´m doing it.
    If any other users know about a good solution, please share it with us :)


  3. Ariian

    Ariian Reseller Reseller

    The best solution i have is that install GSE IPTV app on my android and add my channel list, play the movie you want to watch, look at the Subtitle list through gse and count from the last sub i see on tvip ip box to the right one, on GSE app you se all subs, thats how i do it now and its i think the fastest Way for now
  4. ElMariachi

    ElMariachi Reseller Reseller

    HI Ariian.

    Yes, that´s also a solution if you wanna use your phone as a "counter" :blush:

  5. Ariian

    Ariian Reseller Reseller

    You dont have to count, you see the number of The sub so you can click the right sub directly on tvip 412 box :)
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  6. ElMariachi

    ElMariachi Reseller Reseller

    I´ll give it a try. :)
  7. arian

    arian New Member

    Or install Kodi with pvr simple iptv client it shows the languages and you dont have to guess what is next
    wish they updade smart iptv app , is very simple to use but missing some basic things done properly

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