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VOD Movies and Series with multiaudio

Discussion in 'Wanted Changes (Upgrades and Suggestions)' started by ftoklu, Jun 14, 2018 at 9:10 AM.

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  1. ftoklu

    ftoklu Reseller Reseller


    the vod sections gets increasing and the list longer. My suggestion is (if technically possible) to add movies with multiaudio option, additional/different language audio tracks. So the complete list would be more sorted and we wouldnt have so many categories.

    Example Now:
    VOD German
    VOD Polish
    VOD Turkey

    Example Future:
    VOD [German, Polish, Turkish......]

    So when the customer starts his movie he can choose between the languages. Many apps have a default language, so that if the movie starts he chooses automatically the correct language for the customer.

    Same with VOD TV Series
    Sherlock [German, Polish.... ]

    It was also talked that our movies will be in future with a higher resolution, so maybe this could be done together

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