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VOD sound

Discussion in 'Mag 256/257' started by Kennyfcfan, Jun 14, 2018 at 6:35 PM.

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  1. Kennyfcfan

    Kennyfcfan New Member

    Hi I have a mag 256 with the latest firmware everything is fine except some of the VOD movies and series has no sound all live tv is fine iv tried to change hdmi lead and port and also in the portal tried the audio settings (changing pcm/stereo)but it’s still the same? Most play fine just some don’t yet the same providers VOD audio plays fine on my phone does anyone have the same problems or know how to fix the issue ?
  2. Andreas85

    Andreas85 New Member


    I have the same problem. It started when i updated to latest firmware. It seems to be all Vod that have DTS-sound.
    Hope someone have any solution for this soon ?
  3. Kennyfcfan

    Kennyfcfan New Member

    Yes I didn’t recall anything before I updated to the new firmware can’t think why it wouldn’t support DTS poor by infomir would make sense why some sound movies play & others don’t seem somewhere the 322 had same fault they had a firmware update to solve it

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