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What is the best resolution setting using AT4?

Discussion in 'Apple TV' started by mdredfox8, Oct 31, 2017.

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  1. mdredfox8

    mdredfox8 New Member

    What is the best resolution setting using AT4?

    There is this options in AT4:

    1080p 60hz
    1080p 50hz
    720p 50hz

    (The most FHD channels are in 1920x1080i 25 frames if I look in VLC)
  2. Sense

    Sense Super Reseller Reseller

    Hi there

    There really isnt any " right" answer to this since all channels have different resolutions and framerate, However the difference between 50/60 Hz is mainly seen in sporting events where you get ghostlike effects in some cases where the is rapid movement, But really it is also down to your tv performance.

    Difference between 720p and 1080p i find is minimal, Most HD brodcast is actually 720p and not 1080p . When you see 1080 it is most likely 1080i wich is really 540p :)

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