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Xtreme Editor!

Discussion in 'Enigma' started by mario_70, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. mario_70

    mario_70 New Member

    Hi, since i sterted to use Xtreme Editor to transfer epg to my Enigma box, i just realize that picture on every channel i change is pixelated for a few second. I didn't see that effect before when i was transfering a list stright to my box. Is anyone have the same?
  2. Anthony henderson

    Anthony henderson Reseller Reseller

    I have zgemma h2s and runs smooth with xtream-editor, have you updated to the latest image on your box... out of the firmware i tried ipab is a fav of mine with good support from there fb page
  3. mario_70

    mario_70 New Member

    Hi, I have dm920 UHD and so far i cannot find to many software to use on my box. I'm using stock one "opendreambox 2.5". I was checking on Dream Elite also and it was the same. I mean xtreme editor working pretty good, i can make changes of channels, grouping, add EPG and smoothly send to my box. But that pixeling after channel changing is strange. It just happening for a few second more or less on different channels. Before i didn't see that at all, but i was sending line stright to box. Maybe it's a box OS, but so far i need to wait for dreambox update. I just connect to xtreme editor link to download my line from source. Maybe it would be better load line locally, but i don't think so that could be a reason. Overall that is not a big problem, but just ennoying.
  4. MikeT

    MikeT New Member

    I have a Dreambox 900 UHD and i use openatv. For me is that the best Software for dreambox. I have no problem with it.
  5. elackner

    elackner Reseller: visions4 Reseller

    I agree
    OpenATV and OpenPli are the two best images for IPTV together with Xtream-Editor Plugin
  6. eltonbregu

    eltonbregu New Member

    I've been using IPTV on both, but also on VTI for quite a long time.
    I do not see any difference.
    More than the image, more important is the decoder and above all the server
  7. elackner

    elackner Reseller: visions4 Reseller

    But VTI is for VU+ Boxes
    I use this image on my VU+ Ultimo and freeze all the time. Since i change to OpenPLi works perfect.
    A clients Dreambox 800 with Nemesis -> bad, i change to OpenPli and works perfect - same Box, same Internet, same Line
    an other Dreambox 820 with NewNigma2 -> very bad, i change to OpenATV and works without any freezing - same Box, same Inernet ...
    and so on ... i set-up a lot of Enigma Boxes and my expirience say, hands away from VTI, Black Hole, Newnigma for IPTV
  8. eltonbregu

    eltonbregu New Member

    Yes VTI is only for VU+ boxes.
    My Vu+ sole SE works perfect on IPTV with VTI 9, 11 or 13 image version, Rapid included.
    The rest is personal preference

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