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IPTV community reseller dashboard contains may options such as managing IPTV lines, reporting channels and sell under your own brand.

IPTV Community's Dashboard Can Handle IT!

iptv community dashboard

Why people prefer our Dashboard?

We believe that today working in IPTV business is not like before. There are many clients, resellers and also sub-clients and sub-resellers. More people now know what IPTV is and how efficient it can be. Because of that, there should be a smart and flexible service which is powerful in streaming and also can manage everything related to clients, resellers, lines, payments, channels, orders and branding in one package.
Our Dashboard can provide it for you.

What`s in the Dashboard

New Line and Trial

You can create lines automatically without having to wait or need any help from the agents based on the options you require. You can even modify the username and the channel lists or assign the created line to a user and provide Dashboard details to them. You can also generate Trials by a few simple clicks.

Manage Lines and Connections

You have the tools to simply manage all your lines via your Dashboard. Features such as password modification, adding MAG and Enigma, assigning Dashboard to clients, add notes, extend the lines and add extra connections, change the channel list, download plugins, and also run diagnostics on each line.
With the help of advanced filters that are available on your Dashboard, you can simply search for a specific line and download CSV.

Manage Users and Their Lines

Manage your clients and their Lines with a few simple clicks. When you assign a line to a client, the system will automatically create a Dashboard for that client and send the login information to the client's Email address.
The Dashboard details will be represented by your Brand and DNS. At this section, you can manage your clients by changing information and activating their Dashboard, inspecting their lines by separating them and managing their access.

Define Your Brand and Sell Under your DNS

Distribute and represent your product under your own Brand and Logo. Our Dashboard allows you to establish your own customized Brand with just a few clicks. Choose your Brand, Logo, and Motto the way that suits your business. This information will be displayed on your customer's Dashboard.You can also determine your DNS based on your Brand and have your own dedicated portal addresses.

Create and Manage Sub-Resellers

Add sub-resellers and manage their accounts in your Dashboard. You can expand your own business by acquiring new sub-resellers under your private Brand. Your sub-resellers will start their business under your management but have their own Clients and Lines. However, The payments and purchasing credits will be through you and your Dashboard.

Secure Payments - Card, BTC, LTC

Secure payment gateways with fast and easy access such as BTC, LTC and credit cards. One of the most important features of the Dashboard is the ability to pay in different ways through Both the credit cards and the Cryptocurrencies. These payments are automatically approved and there is no need to wait for confirmation from Support Agents. Paying with Cryptocurrencies also has more bonuses.

Transactions History

Track your payment records and manage your payment history inside your Dashboard. You can analyze your transactions based on your required details and download a CSV file from it. All the transactions made through Dashboard are categorized based on various criteria and will be updated simultaneously.

Channel Reporting and Auto Diagnosis for you and your clients

Report issues for each channel with specific options for your reports. You do not need to worry about the channel issues. Any time you notice a problem, just send the information regarding the channel and deliver a report. Even your clients can do this, and these reports will be delivered to our Technical Team and will be resolved as fast as possible.

EPG Download

Generate an EPG link for your particular device and based on the country you need. This section allows you to download EPG or copy the EPG link to your device. This link will be under your own brand DNS.

Ticket and Order System Between You and Your Clients

A ticket and order integration between you and your clients. You can communicate with your clients and manage their IPTV orders through your Dashboard and provide them with new Lines or extend their current Lines. The rest of the issues, including the needs for Support Requests and ..., will be done through the ticketing system.

Help Center

A smart and user-friendly Help Center that answers all your questions and needs regarding IPTV. You and your customers can access fast and complete, large volumes of IPTV tutorials and a vast encyclopedia about the world of IPTV and installation tutorials on a variety of devices, including MAG and Enigma.

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