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  1. WhiteFlameZ

    IPTV + VLC

    I have an x96 Mini Android box and on it I have installed the apps IPTV and VLC. Everything is working perfectly except one thing, randomly it just closes the stream and goes back to choosing your channel in the IPTV app. This could for example happen 3 - 5 times during a football game or...
  2. K

    rapid iptv on shield tv

    Hello, i need some help getting rapid tv on my shield tv. Do I have to download a specific app or can I use kodi? /kr
  3. sat888

    Best and Cheapest Android TV Box

    Hi I'm looking for the cheapest possible android TV box (android 5.1 or 6.0) that will run well enough with kodi v17 and will update android OTA. Why cheapest? because some clients are looking for the cheapest workable IPTV solution, Price under 50€/$. Thank you in advance for your advise!
  4. HereIsTom

    HiMedia Q10/Q5 Pro users

    Are there any HiMedia Q10/Q5 Pro users here, and what is your experience with Rapid IPTV?