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audio problem

  1. J

    Audio out of sync

    Hello, I am new to IPTV. I recently started using XCIPTV on my Roku Tv which connects to my sound bar 300. my wifi is pretty strong and usually above 80 to 100mbs. I have not been able to figure out why the audio is out of sync. some channels are worst than other, I have disconnected the...
  2. Mrjechtos9

    Viasat golf sweden is in swedish

    Hi, This channel viasat golf sweden is not in swedish during live events. It is in Finnish (Finland). There is no option to change audio language as far as I can see. So maybe there is something the iptv could help to fix this.
  3. IPTV Community

    Mag 245/322 Technical Issues

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to technical question and installation tutorials regarding MAG 245/322. Feel free to submit your questions and receive technical support from other community members.