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  1. L

    Selling: PT, BR, DE, ES, FR, IT, ADULTS, VOD PT

    Hello guys Starting at 2.5€ with a minimum of 50 connections All the streams online 24/7
  2. T

    Sell Brazil Channels (2 server)

    Hello, I am a big seller of Brazilian channels, I work with two different servers, we have SD HD FHD channels and special 24H channels Server 1 - 145 Channels (SD / HD) 290US Server 2 - 400 Channels (SD / HD / FHD / 24H) 800US Or you can also buy connections (minimum 50 connections, server 2...
  3. Rafael Alves


    Restream IPTV BRAZIL +1800 CHANNEL REAL 50-650,00 100-1200,00 200-2300,00 300-2800,00 350-3000,00
  4. mixpro

    [Sell] [Brazil] SD - HD - FULL HD H254

    You need Brazilian Channels ? SD - HD - Full HD 24h Channels ~35 Globos ~130 HD ~40 Full HD ~160 SD Request a test, private message please! Price: $499 Paypal/Transfer Bank (disccount 10%) only Brazil
  5. M

    Sale: Brazilian Portuguese Channels (No Exchange selling only)

    Price for re-stream 10 connections = 50€ /month 20 connections = 90€ /month 50 connections = 200€ /month 100 connections = 300€ /month 200 connections = 550€ /month 300 connections = 800€ /month 400 connections = 1000€ / month for example: 100 connections that mean you can use 100 channel at the...
  6. kevincostner

    Brazilian Channels - Fonte Local

    Brazilian Channels 350 channels SD+HD and some FULL HD. local. 4 USD per connection
  7. Julianoaran

    Streaming IPTV Brasil, Portugal, USA, SPain

    All channels in Brazil, Portugal, USA, Spain! SD, HD, Full HD and H265 channels I install the FLUSSONIC with license for life every last version Interested call me Skype or Whatsapp Skype: SMTPTURBO Whatsapp: + 55 11 96059-2245 Find the best price and best quality here with me ;)
  8. Juliano

    Streaming IPTV Brasil

    Stop looking and test the best IPTV in Brazil! SD-142 Channels Channels HD-92 Channels HD + SD-234 All of Brazil, Premiere, SporTV, UFC, Telecine, HBO, Universal, Warner, Axn, Fox, Fx, Grid complete! Contact via Whatsapp (71) 99249-2063 Value R$6,000,00
  9. Juliano

    Re-Streaming Brasil HD+SD

    Re-Streaming com todos os canais do Brasil em SD+HD, Totalizando 220 Canais, sendo 95 em HD e 125 em SD... Valor R$ 5.000,00 Por MÊs Entre em contato (71) 9 9249-2063 AeE A&E HD ANIMAL PLANET ANIMAL PLANET HD APARECIDA ARTE 1 AXN AXN HD BAND BAND HD BAND SPORTS SD BAND SPORTS HD BAND NEWS...
  10. Juliano

    Streaming Channels Brasil/Brazil HD+SD

    137 CANAIS EM SD (137 Channels in SD) 90 CANAIS EM HD (90 Channels in HD) Caso queira fazer um teste envie-me uma mensagem! If you want to do a test send me a message! Whatsapp +55 (71) 99249-2063 Values in real -> 7.500,00 BRL (HD+SD) Values in dollars -> 2.375.00 US$ (HD+SD) == Values in...