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  1. DerCremaxx

    DerCremaxx - Exchange service // PayPal to Crypto // Revolut to Crypto 10%

    Exchanging your PayPal Family and Friends payment & Revolut Payment to any Crypto 10% YOU PAY 500€ AND I TAKE 50€ YOU GET 450€ CRYPTO ( ANY COIN ) I DO EXCHANGES WITH RESELLERS ANY AMOUNT (SMALL AMOUNTS UP TO 50€ I DO WITH EVERY USER) CAN DO ANY AMOUNT NO LIMIT DISCORD: DerCremaxx#8852...
  2. FiyiK

    How to buy Bitcoins - Guide 2020 updated

    In this simple guide, you will learn how to buy Bitcoins and use them at Coinbase.com. Please check out below: STEP 1. Signup at: https://www.coinbase.com/signup STEP 2. After you're logged in to coinbase, verify your e-mail and your ID. STEP 3. Choose how you wish to verify your identity...