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e2 plugin

  1. R-Media

    [XtreamTV] Enigma2 Plugin

    There are 3 common methods for installation of ipk files (E2 plugin) 1. Telnet Methods a. Connect your E2 device with Putty or DCC. b. Go to FTP and copy one of this plugin on /tmp/ folder. c. Go to Telnet and Copy and paste one of this command. opkg install /tmp/XtreamTV_0.0.1_armv7a.ipk opkg...
  2. IPTV Community

    Turtorial: Xstream TV addon for Engima 2

    !!!!!! most used and strongly suggested is using the mips32el. !!!!!! Download the plugin in from here: Download Plugin And download DCC_E2 Download DCC_E2 unzip the file with Winrar or Winzip. Open up DCC_E2 Fill in the IP Address of your box and the name and password. After...