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  1. K

    Issue logging in

    I had an issue with the app hanging yesterday so tried logging out on one tv. Today, the tv I didn’t log out of is working fine, but I’ve been unable to log into the tv I logged out of. The credentials are definitely correct, but when I click ’Add User’ it just hangs and doesn’t log in. There’s...
  2. Jbill45

    IPTV Smarters Pro FireStick - Playback Error with VPN on, please help

    Hi, I’m using IPTV Pro Smarters on the 4K hd FireStick. When I use IPVanish or express vpn, there is a playback error and no channels work. I’ve seen in the settings there is a vpn certificate that can be added, will this solve the problem? please help as I would like to use the IPTV with a...