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  1. N

    Streams for sale (26+ countries covered) - $5 for FHD, HD, SD, plus PPV, EPL, NFL, NHL, UEFA, PPV, XXX, VOD

    Currently have 6,000+ channels now available, solid coverage, FHD, HD, SD, plus PPV, EPL, NFL, NHL, UEFA, PPV, XXX, VOD adding another 10,000+ options on a multi-country CDN with only 10GB pipes with major city/country drop-off in Europe, Asia and North America. This is the real deal. We accept...
  2. M

    [Buying] Sports channels to Restream

    Hello, We are an sportsbook operation looking for a premium and stable sports restreaming solution. Please contact me if you have an offer or need further details. Payment will be in crypto (preferably BTC). Cheers m
  3. Nuke1HD

    Selling:>>Sky Sports FHD 50fps

    Selling Sky sports fhd 1920x1080p 50fps For end users only ******* No Exchanging or Reselling Allowed******* Inbox if interested & for price & 1 test is Available for 2hrs...
  4. marius_cz

    FHD channels to 50fps

    Hi guys, first I would like to thank for your service, it's simply amazing to be able to watch so many stuff! I just wanted to ask if it would be somehow possible to make the FHD channels more fluent (50fps?)? For example the new Polish Sport channels (Polsat Sport Premium 1-6 FHD) or the...