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  1. IPTV Community

    SIPTV Technical Support and Questions

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to technical issues and support questions about SIPTV app for Smart TV's. Feel free to submit your questions in this section in order to get help from other community members.
  2. cristianoboys

    looking for local streams for reshare

    Hello everyone, I do need local stream for reshare specially european streams germany,spain,portugal,uk...... all what I'm asking is a stable stream with good quality image
  3. D

    Germany pack /// OVH 10gbps

    Hello everyone ! i offer arround 80 channels , here we go 13th Street 3 Sat ATV ATV2 Boomerang Bundesliga 1 Bundesliga 2 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 3 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 4 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 5 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 6 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 7 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 8 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 9 Cartoon...
  4. fascinity

    German channel sorting

    Hi, Recently I was able to test your service. Thank you for the great experience @Rapid IPTV ! I noticed that the German package includes 14 home-shopping channels... oh my, who needs homeshopping??? And other channels 2, 3 or 4 times, same channel, just from another region... not necessary...