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  1. J

    Suggestions and features for a new IPTV App

    Hello everyone, Not sure this is the correct thread, but I am developing an iOS app for IPTV (live and vod), I'm at an early stage and I thought it would be a good idea to ask the community what features they like in other apps or what they wish they could have. My main goal Its to create an...
  2. FiyiK

    How to setup "IPTV+ My Smart IPTV Player" on iPhone and iPad

    IPTV+: My Smart IPTV Players works only on iPhones and iPads. Be aware, the developer asks a small annually payment fee for some features. Here are some main features of IPTV+: - Apple iCloud Sync - All your data is synchronized on your Apple iCloud to make it available on all your devices...
  3. Tiago Martinho

    Trying to build the best IPTV app for iOS

    Hello everyone at IPTV community, my name is Tiago, not sure this is the correct thread, but I developed an iOS app for watching IPTV movies, Movie Stream. I believe this community is a great place to share my work and would like to receive your feedback and help. Right now I’m at version 6.0...