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    Smart IPTV on LG Channel list disappears

    Hi Channel list disappears every time I turn off TV, then I need to uploud the channel list again. Tv Modell: LG 55LM640T
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    LG Tv with Smart IPTV - "File not found" error

    Hi - I have an LG 47LW650S Smart TV. I have installed Smart IPTV and found an m3u Channel List. I have uploaded the channel list as shown in your guide and got the message about "Success! Channels: 233 Groups:1. However when I turn on the app, I see the Channels all showing different...
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    smart iptv for lg tv

    Hi There, Just bought the subription , it worked perfectly for 3 hours then it started to lag a bit , now it takes atleast 2 minutes to load a channel list and once it is loaded when I select a channel it is stuck on connecting , any help is appreciated