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  1. A

    MAG250 Problems

    Hello guys! Suddenly alot of my Mag250 Customers are having problem with their box turning og or wven worse getting stuck at the loading screen. They have to unplug the box and restart the box withaout the ethernet cable inserted, from page loading error screen they insert the cable again...
  2. P

    Cannot reset Mag 254 at all - all image not found

    Hello everyone,\My audio has completely gone on my MAG254. I have troubleshot it as much as I can but I believe that a hard reset will be the best course of action. However, when I reset it in the BIOS menu, all 3 of the possibilities result in the "wrong image" upon reboot. I tried to reinstall...
  3. Roel

    MAG250 update 0.2.18-R16-250 - STB BLOCKED

    Hello, When booting my mag250 box I noticed there was a firmware update for the mag250 in the inner portal. Update 0.2.18-r16-250 was available to download and Install. I downloaded and installed the new firmware. After rebooting the mag 250 box the Rapidiptv portal said: Your STB is...