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  1. padrekopre

    [MAG254] SIPTV problem

    Hi, I have RapidTV subscription and I use SIPTV portal for watching TV with Polish EPG, and all works great, but sometimes even 4 times in 1h the strem is freezed, and after I change channel to another one and come back it's still not working - Restarting, over and over again. After about 1-2...
  2. M

    Upgrading my MAG 254 to new firmware 0.2.18-r19 removed Youtube app - how can I get it back?

    Hi, I am new to this forum... After my purchase of MAG254 in March 2017, I upgraded its firmware for the first time to 0.2.18-r19 (which is the latest at the moment, I guess). However, this upgrade didn't do anything good to me, instead, it removed all my favorite apps - Youtube and Games...
  3. Sandrito

    MAG322 and MAG324

    MAG 322 and MAG 324 are NEW MAG-Boxes with HEVC-256 compression. This new compression is not realy necessary at this time, becose I don't know a IPTV Provider who are providing it. But my real question is, does myIPTV support this new MAG-Boxes. Because I read on INFORMIR, that the "Middleware...
  4. P

    Cannot reset Mag 254 at all - all image not found

    Hello everyone,\My audio has completely gone on my MAG254. I have troubleshot it as much as I can but I believe that a hard reset will be the best course of action. However, when I reset it in the BIOS menu, all 3 of the possibilities result in the "wrong image" upon reboot. I tried to reinstall...
  5. G

    Recording with RapidIPTV and MAG 254

    I've done some intensive testing to record video streams on the MAG 254 In the mean time I have received an answer from the MAG 254 manufacturer helpdesk regarding recording with their box. When loading a local RapidIPTV m3u file recording works but: Quote from infomir: Well we tested your...
  6. R

    Sync date and time with MAG254

    Hi, I'm new to rapidiptv and mag, could you please let me know how to sync date and time on the MAG254 as it's on the year 2000. I read about putting this on the NPT server, in my case UK: Is this correct ot is there another step involved? Many thanks
  7. R

    MAG254 - Hide or block Channels

    Hi, I just bought a subscription from rapidiptv and so far so good. However I am not able to find anywhere information about managing of channels, therefore I can't hide or block certain channels that I wish my kids not to see (i.e. adult channels). Can you please help, is this possible on a...
  8. M

    Slow scrolling speed on MAG254

    Hi, since a week or 2 the scrolling speed in the united kingdom folder has become extremely slow. And with scrolling I mean when you have the complete overview of the channels in the folder and scroll through them, sometimes it takes more then 15 seconds to scroll to page 2. Are any other...