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  1. rog8811

    Mecool Kiii pro with IPTV

    Hi peeps, I have spent today stripping out my old spiderbox setup and replacing it with the Mecool Kiii pro android box. First thing I wanted to try out was of course IPTV so, as I have used it already I downloaded smartiptv and got on to my supplier for a trial connection. Well the app...
  2. Julianoaran

    Re-Streaming Brasil

    Brazilian or American friends interested in channels from Brazil or Portugal can contact me! 102 Channels HD (R$3.500,00) 150 Channels SD (R$2.500,00) 081 Channels PT (R$1.000,00) Contact Skype or Whatsapp! Skype: SMPTURBO Whatsapp: + 55 71 99249-2063
  3. Juliano

    Streaming IPTV Brasil

    Stop looking and test the best IPTV in Brazil! SD-142 Channels Channels HD-92 Channels HD + SD-234 All of Brazil, Premiere, SporTV, UFC, Telecine, HBO, Universal, Warner, Axn, Fox, Fx, Grid complete! Contact via Whatsapp (71) 99249-2063 Value R$6,000,00
  4. Juliano

    Re-Streaming Brasil HD+SD

    Re-Streaming com todos os canais do Brasil em SD+HD, Totalizando 220 Canais, sendo 95 em HD e 125 em SD... Valor R$ 5.000,00 Por MÊs Entre em contato (71) 9 9249-2063 AeE A&E HD ANIMAL PLANET ANIMAL PLANET HD APARECIDA ARTE 1 AXN AXN HD BAND BAND HD BAND SPORTS SD BAND SPORTS HD BAND NEWS...
  5. Rambler

    Perfect Player was working perfectly - then no EPG and settings menu won't open

    Hi All, I'm new to this IPTV thing. I signed up for streamcenter and got perfect player working perfectly for 2 days (no pun intended). Super happy with my set up. I run perfect player on my MXQ pro mini android box running marshmellow. 2 days later, I turned it on and the EPG was not...
  6. xam

    Fire TV stick and perfect player PROBLEM

    Hi, i have a problem with all hd channels on my fire stick with perfect player installed, broadband is 100mb, i also check with smart iptv app on fire stick and same problem, its this happen cause i using free version of this app??