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  1. L

    IPTV Scripts for sale: NFL, MLB, NHL, USA, UK

    IPTV Scripts for sale working demo given and 50% payment & other 50% once you are happy with it working on your own server, With over 7 years in the script business we know what we are doing. NHL NFL MLB UK TV USA TV CANADA TV SPORT MOVIE & More
  2. L

    IPTV Scripts

    PHP IPTV script for sale What are iptv script? Script are codes writen in php or curl to grab streams from select providers and putting the links grabbed into a M3U file that can then be used on your iptv restreaming server, These scripts Bypass any connection limits that the provider may have...
  3. IndianKoudos

    Need script and support

    Hello, I'm in need of a guy able to script and run these for me. I need to get new channels once in a while as well. Budget on this montly: 4000 USD.
  4. L

    NewIPTV Scripts List

    below you will find the updated list of iptv scripts i have for sale, all script are tested for at least 90 days before listing for sale to ensure stabilty. If you are a user of IPTV scripts then chances are you have bought one of our scripts before as we provide scripts to most of the big...
  5. ScriptGod420

    USA and Latino

    Hello, I have very very stable US directs and Latinos. I can prove up times and stability. I also have scripts so you can host your own channels. Please PM me for further details and prices thank you.,
  6. L

    Scripts & Restreams for sale

    I am a large Stream Provider for IPTV business around the world, I offer Restreams & scripts to customers who want to build up there IPTV stream database. Please see below more information on what is for sale here SCRIPTS FOR SALE Fubo TV Sky Mexico ISG Pro TV Norago 836 Norago 465 Music...
  7. L

    Super Sport Script 4 sale

    For sale is my own personal Super Sport Script that grabs all Super Sport channels in HD from the main Super Sport API server and puts them into a m3u file for you to upload to your panel. This script has been made by myself and is not available anywhere else (feel free to check all the...
  8. L

    Scripts & Stream 4 Sale

    Hi all let me introduce myself first, I am a coder from uk that that started playing about with itv scripts about a year ago I have since built up my collection of scripts, VOD & series. I am looking to sell and make some money back for the time I have spent on these. I can offer the scripts...