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  1. PressPlayMedia


    Have huge library of VOD. USA and Latino ONLY, NO WORLD MOVIES. 95% of VOD does have multi audio tracks. $1.50 per connect. 50 Minimum. Resellers Welcome at $3 per credit minimum 50
  2. Poseidon

    TV-Series in different languages instead of more in english

    Hi together :), first its great to have TV-Series. But instead of fill in more series in english (we have until now so much) i would suggest following netflix turkish netflix german netfix swedish ..... in that way we would make for sure minimum 70% of our customers happy :) - cause from 10...
  3. IPTV Community

    VOD Requests

    Hello, We created this topic for your Video on Demand requests. Hit us with your suggestions. Please follow the below examples while posting a request. For Movies: Movie: Subtitle: Year: Imdb/rottentomatoes link: For Series: Serie name: Subtitle: Episode or Season: Imdb/rottentomatoes...