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  1. FarrukoTV

    Local Full German (with Sky DE) Package - Proof

    Only Sale. No exchange 24h test for free of course SD - HD - FHD Xtream-Codes with several 3 Gbps Loadbalancers - No Overload PM me for prices
  2. W

    Sky Sport channels (german)

    Hello, I have a problem with rapidiptv. All channels are working fine or with minor problems, but the german sky sport channels 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 are not working at all. I allready requested it and was said that they should work and I should change the dns server to (what is the...
  3. marius_cz

    FHD channels to 50fps

    Hi guys, first I would like to thank for your service, it's simply amazing to be able to watch so many stuff! I just wanted to ask if it would be somehow possible to make the FHD channels more fluent (50fps?)? For example the new Polish Sport channels (Polsat Sport Premium 1-6 FHD) or the...
  4. Revendedor


    Hi Guys, I have a lot of Sky Germany Streams in FHD This is my List Playlist DE: Sky Cinema Action FHD ( 0: 0) DE: Sky Cinema Family FHD ( 0: 0) DE: Sky Cinema FHD ( 0: 0) DE: Sky Cinema Hits FHD ( 0: 0) DE: Sky Cinema +1 FHD ( 0: 0) DE: Sky Cinema +24 FHD ( 0: 0) DE: Sky Atlantic FHD ( 0...
  5. D

    Germany pack /// OVH 10gbps

    Hello everyone ! i offer arround 80 channels , here we go 13th Street 3 Sat ATV ATV2 Boomerang Bundesliga 1 Bundesliga 2 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 3 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 4 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 5 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 6 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 7 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 8 Bundesliga/Sky Sport 9 Cartoon...