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turkish channels

  1. holocoast

    Selling best performanced Turkish streams

    Selling best performanced raw streams no logos. Total 80 Channels 2 are fm channels without screen only radio (kral fm and kralpop) Its covering all dsmart channels, and regional channels like ATV HD STAR HD, Discovery Channels, Documentaire Channels TLC DMAx Davinci etc Kids Channels...
  2. P


    Hi i'm Petrov, a russian provider for world local channels, all the given countries bellow are my own sources and locals: 1=> FRANCE SD : 2.5$/con FRANCE HD : 3.5$/con FRANCE FHD : 4.5$/con 2=> Arabs SD & HD both: 3$/con (without sports but full arab countries) 3=> beINSports and EuroSport HD...
  3. Kago İPTV

    I need to Turkey and Germany restream channels!

    Hi everyone, I hope you fine.. I am looking for Turkey and Germany restream channels to add to the Xtream-Codes panel for a long time.. But, I didn't find them :( Please, help me this subject..