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  1. daaren

    M3U playlist disappears (GSE IPTV PRO)

    I have this very strange problem with my GSE IPTV PRO, and I think it might relate to my Apple TV.. I've used GSE for many years without encountering this problem before earlier this year. I would go onto the app and the list of channels would be gone, and when I would go to "External...
  2. T

    Xtream Codes API

    I’m using an app on Apple TV (IPTVX) that supports Xtream Codes API. How can I convert my m3u url from my provider to xtream codes? If I can do this it would mean parsing the playlist in the app would be much faster.
  3. R

    iProTv: New iPhone iPad and Apple tv application !

    Hi everyone, I present to you my new app for Apple devices ! the App is already available in the appstore, 1 purchase for all 3 plateformes: iPhone, iPad and Apple tv.