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channel issues

  1. IPTV Community

    Rules for reporting problem with service

    Everyone with connection problem should send ticket to support, from dashboard , with following details: - country - device - IP Not here, not on chat, but on ticket, directly to support, everyone who is not satisfied, we will refund. Thank you
  2. IPTV Community

    IPTV Issues - (Must read the first post before requesting help from the community)

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to IPTV questions and issues including discussions with other community members for help and solutions. In order to solve the issues faster, please perform the below tasks and provide the details in your post. - Check your m3u line with VLC Player. - Check the...
  3. IPTV Community

    Channel Reporting

    Hello, In order to solve the channel issues faster, please take these self-diagnostic steps first and if the issue persists, use your Dashboard to report the problem. Please avoid creating tickets for channel issues and only use the "Channel Report" section for reporting. Please follow these...
  4. IPTV Community

    Match-day Blockage

    Dear Members, This thread is dedicated to the latest reports and news about blockages during match days. Feel free to discuss the impressions with the community.