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duplex iptv

  1. A

    Duplex Player

    Hi Everyone, I am new here and want to share an issue with you. I have a Samsung TV and I have installed Duplex and SetIPTV to watch through IPTV. It was working for a while until recently when I try to play a movie or series, it freeze after 30 seconds. Live TV can be watched with no issues...
  2. Nonid

    Tutorial: Duplex Play or Duplex IPTV apk

    Start by downloading the Dupex Play or Duplex IPTV App from the store. Please note: The App offers you a 7-day free app trial. After the App expires, you can purchase it - Price Six months 0.99 € or 1 Year 1.99 € When opening the app you will see your Device ID and Device Key. Please write...
  3. Nonid

    Smart IPTV Alternatives

    Hello all, If you recently had probs or issues with the Smart IPTV app, like not being able to update the playlist, It's always worthwhile spending some time evaluating new apps as they been released and have a backup app incase of a Smart IPTV issue. Here a few alternatives for your Smart...
  4. I

    I can't update QUZU TV

    I use the QUZU TV application on my Samsung TV. However, the update has arrived, I can not get the update. Why could it be ?
  5. faccomolfetta

    Duplex IPTV dont work on secondary monitor

    Hi. Sorry my english but i am italian. I have a problem with the windows 10 DUPLEX IPTV app. I hope not to make mistakes. I use DUPLEX IPTV on windows 10 and have two monitors connected. On the first monitor everything is ok. When I move the Duplex window to the secondary monitor, the video is...